Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Knowledge Systems And Office Automation Systems (kws And Osa)

Knowledge systems (KWS ) support the information and knowledge workers in the organization, ensuring that new knowledge and technical expertise are properly integrated into the business and performance the coordinating activities of the typical office. Knowledge workers are people who hold formal university degrees and often are members of a recognized profession, like engineers, doctors, layers, and scientists, whose job consists primarily of creating new information and knowledge.

An office automation systems (OAS) can be defined as any application of information technology that intends to increase the productivity of information workers in the office. Typical office systems handle document management (through world processing, desktop publishing, digital filing), scheduling (through electronic calendars), and communication (through electronic mail, voice mail, and "groupware").

Figure 88 shows an ideal: a fully integrated knowledge system that can coordinate the document, image, data, and voice needs of different kinds of knowledge workers, as well as tie into corporate telecommunication and data facilities.