Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Top Management Information Needs

For top managers, the MIS provide information for strategic planning and management control. They are not only determining the general direction of the company but also are responsible for the appropriate interaction between the enterprise and its environment. For strategic planning and management control, the external sources of information on economic condition, technological developments, the actions of competitors assume paramount importance.

For the management control functions of top managers, however, the sources of information must be both internal and external. Toplevel managers are typically concerned about overall financial overall performance of their organizations.

Middle Management Information Needs

Middle level managers, such as department heads or plant managers, need to deal with tactical issues, such as: tactical planning and tactical control. Thus, the type of information middlelevel managers will require falls somewhere between the extremes required by lower and toplevel managers. These managers generally use information that is more detailed and more current than that required by their top management counterparts.