Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Management Control Of Projects

A projects is a set of activities intended to accomplish a specified end result of sufficient importance to be of interest to management (for example: construction projects, research/development projects, and motion picture productions).

In a project, and in each of its components, the focus is on three aspects: (1) its scope (that is, the specifications for the end product), (2) its schedule (that is, the time required), and (3) its cost.

In actual operations, project managers engage in both planning activities and control activities. They control when they act to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Task Control

Anthony views this third category of organizational planning and control as (1) focusing on specific, discrete tasks and (2) the process of ensuring that those tasks are done effectively and efficiently.

"Task control is the process of ensuring that specific tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently."

As the definition suggests, the focus of operational control is on individual tasks or transaction: scheduling and controlling individual jobs through a shop, as contrasted with measuring the performance of the shop as a whole; procuring specific items for inventory, as contrasted with management of inventory as whole: and so on.