Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Types Of Control

Management can implement controls before an activity commences, while the activity is going on, or after the activity has been completed. The three respective types of control based on timing are feedforward, concurrent, and feedback.

Feedforward Control

Feedforward control focuses on the regulation of inputs (human, material, and financial resources that flow into the organization) to ensure that they meet the standards necessary for the transformation process.

Feedforward controls are desirable because they allow management to prevent problems rather than having to cure them later. Unfortunately, these control require timely and accurate information that is often difficult to develop. Feedforward control also is sometimes called preliminary control, precontrol, preventive control, or steering control.

However, some authors use term "steering control" as separate types of control. This types of controls are designed to detect deviation some standard or goal to allow correction to be made before a particular sequence of actions is completed.